Friday, April 1, 2011

No rest for the Wicked

A glutton is defined as:
A person eating or drinking in excess with voracity, a lustful appetite, an extravagant overindulgence of the flesh.

There's a bit of euphoria to be felt with each bite, purchase and peek at something you deeply crave. I believe you can be gluttonous with almost anything that causes you to buckle at your knees when it becomes your possession. Needless to say, there is a little bit of a glutton in all of us. You see I have this teeny tiny little problem.. I have a habit of picking up new hobbies and overindulging in them.

Example #1. Crochet: I decided to rekindle an old flame for playing hooky. I went to my local yarn store and used every coupon available to myself, my MIL and My husband's granny to buy yarn. I drooled over all the different textures and colors and weights and I can go on and on and on about cashmere and wool and soy and silk and bla bla bla bla bloody bla.  Next, I decided I needed, not wanted, but needed to own every possible rare vintage crochet book, magazine, manual etc.. I could find. Again, my husband's granny's (let's actually call her by name: Nana) treasures weren't enough.. I ended up buying new ones as well. Then hooks! Well there's wooden ones and lucite vintage ones, carved bone and metal hooks.. You get the picture right?

Example #2. Embroidery: Ah... good ol' needlework! I bought lots and lots of floss, sparkly, glow in the dark, transfer sheets, pens, tracing paper, patterns etc....

I can tell you about sewing, baking, even doll making but I won't bore ya! So here it is. This is my newest lustful endeavor... blogging or at least an attempt to blog. Originally,  I started this project almost a year ago and more so out of fear of failure I didn't actually move forward. At the time I was closing one door to open the possibility of actually full filling one of my dreams.. to open up a pastry shop.. I can't tell ya much about it since I'm really superstitious. What I can say is that I think I'm finally on the right path. I am inspired again! Be it my new job or the fact that I succeeded, after a year of growing out my bangs, or I don't know all these crafty ideas that come to mind, in the wee hours while everyone sleeps, that are nagging at me saying "get up lazy bones and shake it out" and possibly maybe just maybe it's the year of the rabbit. Which happens to be me! My year! This is it! Okay! Now that Sweet G is official I bid you adieu.. sweet dreams.. stay tuned!